MUSIC IS ART – Podcast #37


Peccary Podcast #37
March 2012

Spring is here once again. The trees and flowers are budding, and the birds and bees are out doing their thing. However, here at the podcast, we’re always a few months behind the rest of the world, so we’re going to explore two releases that came out a few months back…during the deep chill of winter. This episode features nearly an hour of music from “Dream In Blue” by Darshan Ambient, and “Synthetic Memories” by Justin Vanderberg.


(00:00) – Intro and Welcome (Music: “Mirage” by Darshan Ambient)
(02:18) – “The Path” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(08:20) – “When Will My Someday Come” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(12:28) – “When I Walk” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(15:58) – “Upon Reflection” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(21:27) – “Synthetic Memories” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(32:37) – “Dream In Blue” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(37:54) – “Cold Brightness” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(45:47) – “Sun Fade” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(51:03) – Wrap up, contact info and thanks! (Music: “Drops” by Justin Vanderberg)
(53:45) – “Silent Smile (Angelo’s Song)” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient



The return of three Erik Wøllo classics

Wollo Remasters

Erik Wøllo

Special Remastered Editions

Originally released between 1985 and 1992, these albums have long been out of print and difficult to find on CD. This set presents all three classic albums, along with eight previously unreleased tracks from the era, all remastered with depth and clarity that far surpass the original releases.

Each CD is housed in a dual gatefold vinyl record style jacket, and features elegant, updated artwork based on the original versions.

We’ve put together 500 of these exclusive three-disc sets. They are wrapped in a black linen paper band which is signed and numbered by Erik Wøllo.

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Echoes CD of the Month

Dream In Blue

“Darshan Ambient’s latest album, Dream In Blue is the Echoes Radio CD of the month for December. Echoes is a daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by Public Radio International and broadcast on 130 radio stations from Maine to California. Congratulations to Darshan Ambient and THANK YOU to the wonderful people at Echoes!

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New SPM Release – SYNTHETIC MEMORIES by Justin Vanderberg

Justin Vanderberg

Eight deeply moving and contemplative tracks of pure wonder, where pulsing electronics, billowing synth textures and rich ambient spaces create a heartfelt and profoundly introspective musical experience with much to offer fans of electronic ambient music. From the title track which pays homage to the Masters of the sequencer, to the deeper ambient spaces of tracks like “67” “Dusk”” and “Cold Brightness,” to the perfectly placed piano of “The Path” and “Drops,” to the driving and powerful opening track, a collaboration with Jon Jenkins entitled “From Below,” Justin Vanderberg has crafted a meaningful and personal album that will not soon be forgotten.  Listen & more info…

New Lotuspike release by PAUL ELLIS

From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness

August is here and with it comes our fourth release of 2011, new music from synth master Paul Ellis, and it’s a real treat for all you electronic music lovers out there. Five long-form pieces that blend ambient sound design with rhythmic electronics, recalling the classic works of genre masters like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Vangelis; but with a restrained modern air. listen & order…

New Lotuspike release by TIME BEING

A Dimension Reflected

On their first collaborative release, A Dimension Reflected, Jourdan Laik and Phillip Wilkerson, operating under the moniker “Time Being,” present eight thought-bending, deep drifting tracks of pure ambient spaces, where electronic yet organic, expansive washes of sound, drifting chords and swirling synthesizer textures communicate the resonant beauty of time and timelessness. more…