New Lotuspike Release – Falling Light by Darshan Ambient

Falling Light

Picking up where 2011’s Dream In Blue left off, Falling Light finds Darshan Ambient moving more towards an almost ambient Americana sound this time around. The deliberate use of lap steel and slide guitars blended with synth textures that seem to stretch to the horizon, brings to mind visions of wide open spaces, big skies and endless possibilities. The trademark hypnotic and heartfelt style that has come to define all Darshan Ambient releases is definitely evident in the skillful use of multi-layered percussion, synth textures, bass, and guitar grooves, and Michael Allison’s unmistakeable compositional style is in top form, delivering thoughtful melodic phrases and themes with a familiar atmosphere.

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New Website with downloads

New Website

Big news!  Our new website has just launched, and we now offer downloads directly from the webshop!  We’re talking high quality digital downloads, because as a label that’s run by artists, we have always taken extra care to achieve the best possible audio quality on the albums we release, and we believe that same dedication to quality should extend to the downloads we offer.  After all, what’s the point of working so hard to create an amazing sounding release when at the end of the day it’s only available in a mediocre-quality download format?  So we’ve decided to offer several download options, including CD quality FLAC and Apple Lossless files (at 16-bit/44.1k), the highest possible quality MP3′s (at 320kbps), and for the first time ever we’re making available the 24-bit studio masters on a limited number of select titles for you audiophiles out there who demand a superior listening experience far beyond what a CD can deliver.  For more details about the different formats, you can read the FAQ page.

We have launched the new site with over 25 titles available to download, and we’ll be adding more every week until our entire catalog is downloadable — so check back often!

For those of you who prefer to hold the music in your hands or keep it organized on the shelf, fear not, we still carry a wide selection of CDs just like we always have.

So take a look around and see & hear what’s new, and feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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New Lotuspike release – I AM HERE by Paul Ellis

I Am Here

Ancient and modern come together on I Am Here, as veteran musician/ composer Paul Ellis creates an electronic music portrait inspired by the mysterious rock carvings of the Chinook Tribe of Native Americans who lived in the Columbia River Gorge 15,000 years ago.

The three long form compositions on the album, two in the 20 minute range, and one almost 30 minutes in length, have a spellbinding quality that is constantly evolving, and draws favorable comparison to the electronic music artistry of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra, Craig Padilla, Patrick O’Hearn, and Jean Michel Jarre.

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New O3E Release – Desatero by Northcore


Some of the most original, intriguing, and experimental electronica being produced today can be found in the music of the UK-based duo Northcore. Desatero is Northcore’s premiere release on Spotted Peccary’s O3E imprint. This compelling collection of exquisitely recorded sound paintings combines electronic ambient, ethno-inspired, acoustic, and sometimes upbeat sources into a mystical and intriguing whole that should appeal to fans of Biosphere, Bat for Lashes, Pete Namlook, Peter Gabriel, and Air.  Listen & more info…

MUSIC IS ART – Podcast #37


Peccary Podcast #37
March 2012

Spring is here once again. The trees and flowers are budding, and the birds and bees are out doing their thing. However, here at the podcast, we’re always a few months behind the rest of the world, so we’re going to explore two releases that came out a few months back…during the deep chill of winter. This episode features nearly an hour of music from “Dream In Blue” by Darshan Ambient, and “Synthetic Memories” by Justin Vanderberg.


(00:00) – Intro and Welcome (Music: “Mirage” by Darshan Ambient)
(02:18) – “The Path” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(08:20) – “When Will My Someday Come” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(12:28) – “When I Walk” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(15:58) – “Upon Reflection” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(21:27) – “Synthetic Memories” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(32:37) – “Dream In Blue” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(37:54) – “Cold Brightness” from Synthetic Memories by Justin Vanderberg
(45:47) – “Sun Fade” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient
(51:03) – Wrap up, contact info and thanks! (Music: “Drops” by Justin Vanderberg)
(53:45) – “Silent Smile (Angelo’s Song)” from Dream In Blue by Darshan Ambient



The return of three Erik Wøllo classics

Wollo Remasters

Erik Wøllo

Special Remastered Editions

Originally released between 1985 and 1992, these albums have long been out of print and difficult to find on CD. This set presents all three classic albums, along with eight previously unreleased tracks from the era, all remastered with depth and clarity that far surpass the original releases.

Each CD is housed in a dual gatefold vinyl record style jacket, and features elegant, updated artwork based on the original versions.

We’ve put together 500 of these exclusive three-disc sets. They are wrapped in a black linen paper band which is signed and numbered by Erik Wøllo.

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Echoes CD of the Month

Dream In Blue

“Darshan Ambient’s latest album, Dream In Blue is the Echoes Radio CD of the month for December. Echoes is a daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by Public Radio International and broadcast on 130 radio stations from Maine to California. Congratulations to Darshan Ambient and THANK YOU to the wonderful people at Echoes!

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