Images Of Light (special remastered edition)

Images of Light

We’ve decided to kick off the 2015 release schedule by bringing out the special remastered edition of Erik Wøllo’s classic Images Of Light as a stand alone release.  Along with four previously unreleased tracks from the era, Images Of Light now sounds better than ever, with a depth and clarity that far surpass the original version. Previously only available as part of an exclusive three-disc set, this special remastered edition is now available on its own – as a single CD – and for the first time ever as a download in CD quality lossless, as well as 24-bit High Resolution Studio Master!

Erik Wøllo’s Projekt releases in 24-bit

wollo projekt 24-bit

We are now offering Erik Wøllo’s entire solo catalog from Projekt records.  Available in MP3, CD Quality Lossless, and the High Resolution 24-bit/44.1k Studio Masters.

Get them here:

Timelines  |  Silent Currents 1 & 2  |  Airborne  |  Silent Currents 3  |  Gateway  | Silver Beach  |  The Nocturnes (EP)  |  Crystal Bells (EP)  |  Celestia (EP)  |  Tundra (EP)

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