Green Isac Orchestra

We are pleased to announce the release of Green Isac Orchestra.

First of all, we LOVE the music! Even though Green Isac has been skillfully crafting their unique ethno-influenced brand of electronica for well over two decades, we are still blown away every time they send us something new!

Since 1991 Green Isac has always been the duo of Morten Lund and Andreas Eriksen, but for this new project the guys decided to expand the lineup, adding three new members and recording the tracks live in the studio as a five-peice band to allow for some spontaneity and improvisation on the spot. The outcome is wonderful, adding in new dimensions of organic vitality to the already energetic and mezmerising Green Isac sound.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Deborah Martin’s EYE OF THE WIZARD now available

Eye Of The Wizard

Deborah Martin conjures captivating melodies, hypnotic percussive beats and nuanced ambient textures on the astonishing Eye Of The Wizard, an epic musical odyssey through a realm of wizardry and sacred alchemy.  Weaving melodic structures with ambient layers and compelling rhythms, Eye Of The Wizard is an ambient-acoustic musical quest that rings true with all of Deborah Martin’s spellbinding sonic hallmarks – the effortless guitars, heartfelt melodies, organic percussion, and instinctive ambient sensibility – all working together to revel in the wonders of wizards, etherial woodland visions, and the whispers of secrets long forgotten.

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Steve Roach’s 5-hour Bloodmoon Collection

Bloodmoon Rising

Steve Roach’s latest offering is an epic 5-hour tour-de-force of deep-ambient noir.  These long-form ultra deep sound immersion zones were created for the four consecutive Blood Moon lunar eclipses which occurred between April of 2014, and September of 2015.  This collection holds the four 70-minute Bloodmoon Rising pieces, all carefully mastered for this release by our own Howard Givens.

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Deborah Martin album release event in Portland, OR

Eye Of The Wizard



Join Deborah Martin on October 6, 2015 to celebrate the release of her new album, Eye Of The Wizard!

The event will be at Music Millennium in Portland Oregon from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.



Here is the official announcement from Deborah:


The Age of Wizardry is upon us. Transport yourself to Music Millennium for an hour in the tower with your fellow freaks donning their finest & strangest Wizard apparel. Come dressed up or down for an hour of wizardry including costume judging with special prizes for the best and most unusual apparel, gift bags to the first 50 to appear, and the chance to meet spellbinding ambient / electro-acoustic artist Deborah Martin (who releases her Spotted Peccary Music label Eye Of The Wizard CD.)

Experience the magic. For fans of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings!

Dare to appear!
Tuesday October 6, 2015
from 7:00 – 8:00PM
Music Millennium

3158 East Burnside
Portland, OR


New Release: Moth In Flames by Paul Ellis

Moth In Flames

Synth master Paul Ellis returns with his most refined album to date, featuring ten all new mesmerizing geometries of electro-ambience.

Like a perfectly placed pendulum, the music of Moth In Flames steadily moves through the blurred boundary where melodic and ambient music overlap, pulling from both worlds while never straying too far into either. Its accessible appeal and expertly produced sonic highlights make Moth In Flames an album which can be listened to deeply, or played over and over again in the background as a continuously looped true ambient experience.

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