Clearance Boxes are Back!

Clearance Box

The Overstock Special Clearance boxes are back! $25 gets you a box of 10 random CDs: a surprise collection of outstanding music . . . and if you really want to go for it, you can “double it up” and get 20 CDs for $40 (with no duplicates)! Details and ordering info here…

Erik Wøllo’s Projekt releases in 24-bit

wollo projekt 24-bit

We are now offering Erik Wøllo’s entire solo catalog from Projekt records.  Available in MP3, CD Quality Lossless, and the High Resolution 24-bit/44.1k Studio Masters. Get them here: Timelines  |  Silent Currents 1 & 2  |  Airborne  |  Silent Currents 3  |  Gateway  | Silver Beach  |  The Nocturnes (EP)  |  Crystal Bells (EP)  |  Celestia (EP)  |  Tundra (EP)

New Release: Vague Traces by Wilkerson & Russell

Vague Traces

Time Being’s Phillip Wilkerson combines creative forces with sound sculptor Chris Russell on Vague Traces, a collaboration steeped in stillness and quietude. Infused with the minimal drones, drifts, micro-sonics and discrete acoustics that are so often prevalent in their solo works, Wilkerson & Russell blend those styles perfectly together on Vague Traces, and the result is 63 minutes of deep drifting tranquility and sublime ambient spaces that seem to come …continue…