Erik Wøllo’s Projekt releases in 24-bit

wollo projekt 24-bit

We are now offering Erik Wøllo’s entire solo catalog from Projekt records.  Available in MP3, CD Quality Lossless, and the High Resolution 24-bit/44.1k Studio Masters. Get them here: Timelines  |  Silent Currents 1 & 2  |  Airborne  |  Silent Currents 3  |  Gateway  | Silver Beach  |  The Nocturnes (EP)  |  Crystal Bells (EP)  |  Celestia (EP)  |  Tundra (EP)

New Release: Vague Traces by Wilkerson & Russell

Vague Traces

Time Being’s Phillip Wilkerson combines creative forces with sound sculptor Chris Russell on Vague Traces, a collaboration steeped in stillness and quietude. Infused with the minimal drones, drifts, micro-sonics and discrete acoustics that are so often prevalent in their solo works, Wilkerson & Russell blend those styles perfectly together on Vague Traces, and the result is 63 minutes of deep drifting tranquility and sublime ambient spaces that seem to come …continue…

25 Icons of Echoes


To celebrate 25 Years of the Echoes radio program, listeners voted for their favorite Echoes Artists, and Spotted Peccary’s own Darshan Ambient and Erik Wøllo both made the list! Click here to see the results

New Release: Silent World by Csillagköd

Silent World

Transylvania-based soundscape artist Csillagköd makes his Spotted Peccary debut with an ambient electronic exploration through deep space on “Silent World.”  Remote dissonance, amorphous sound textures, and other-worldly melodies create an atmosphere of contemplative tranquility on this astro-sonic journey that expands on the great traditions of true space music.  From the mysteries of the unfathomable void, to the sublime tranquility of celestial wonders, Silent World is a deep introspection into the …continue…