Honors from Echoes Radio


Echoes listeners from across the USA have voted Little Things by Darshan Ambient and Found by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins into the Best of Echoes 2013 Listener Poll!  In addition, Found was also chosen by the Echoes staff as one of their 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2013. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Echoes team, and to the listeners who voted!

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SOLSTICE (special remastered edition) is released


Earlier this month we marked the occasion of the winter solstice by releasing the special remastered edition of Erik Wøllo’s classic album, “Solstice” as a stand alone release.  Previously only available as part of an exclusive three-disc set, this special remastered edition is now available on its own as a single CD, and for the first time ever as a download in CD quality lossless, as well as 24-bit High …continue…

FOUND – Echoes CD of the Month for December

Echoes CD of the Month - Dec 2013

The New Helpling/Jenkins album, FOUND, has been chosen as the December CD of the Month by Echoes Radio, a daily two-hour music soundscape distributed by Public Radio International.  Hear the album featured all month long on the Echoes radio program, coast to coast on over 130 radio stations across the USA.

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New Release: FOUND by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins


The dramatic final chapter of the award-winning three-album collaboration from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, FOUND follows the path set by the duo’s previous genre-defying releases, TREASURE and THE CROSSING.  Blending cinematic electronics with rock power and spacemusic sensibilities, Helpling & Jenkins complete their trilogy on a grand scale, with deep emotion and unmistakeable style.  Filled with powerful rushes of adrenaline, beauty, loss and triumph, FOUND is an album for …continue…

NEW RELEASE: Little Things by Darshan Ambient

Little Things

Little Things, the seventh Darshan Ambient release on the Spotted Peccary/Lotuspike label, delves deep into the details that slip through the cracks of everyday life, as veteran composer Michael Allison delivers twelve tracks filled with mystery and wonder, shadows and twilight. Masterfully crafted ambient synth textures, guitar loops and effortless rhythmic grooves lay the foundation for this ethereal album of elegant dreamscapes.

NEW RELEASE: Emergence by Shane Morris & Mystified


Shane Morris & Mystified are back with Emergence, the stunning second installment to their primordial three-part “Inspired Evolution” soundscape project. This natural sequel to Epoch, their lush first release, continues the artist’s bold effort to create a sonic environment that evokes prehistoric places and atmospheres, this time focused on the age when mammals arose and began to flourish on planet Earth. The sound of Emergence is vital yet primal; ambient atmospheric yet powerfully evocative. Broad, sweeping acoustic and electronic tones are punctuated with treated percussive sounds such as wooden sticks, shakers and gongs. Each track an opening into the distant past, Emergence presents a vigorous and powerful sonic portrayal of prehistoric Earth.

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New Titles From Byron Metcalf & Steve Roach

New titles from Byron Metcalf & Steve Roach

There has been a flurry of new music from Byron Metcalf and Steve Roach lately, and we are now offering several of them in the webshop.

Tales From The Ultra Tribe is the latest collaboration from the duo and expands on their already impressive shamanic-electronic tribal sound.

Medicine Work is the brand new release from Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas of Inkalesh. The two artists combine their musical medicines to create an extremely potent sonic brew.

Steve Roach delivers a wonderful pair of fully realized musical soundworlds on the new textural electronic/ambient releases Soul Tones and Future Flows.

DeeperNET’s ONE released on O3E


The expansion of our O3E imprint/sub-label continues with the release of ONE, the dazzling full-length album debut from DeeperNET. Blending extreme influences from opposite ends of the electronic music spectrum such as Goa, Downtempo, EDM, and Psybient, the album fuses aggressive electronic tones and percussion with the delicate atmospherics of ambient. In-your-face psychedelic electro-acoustics, a judicious and clever use of ambience, creative synth programming and skillful sound design all come together to propel the listener through a deeper network of cosmic pulses and fluid soundscapes. It’s a real roller coaster ride from start to finish with enough sonic thrills to satisfy even the most well versed electronic music aficionado.

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