With nearly twenty releases to his credit over the past twenty years, Bruno Sanfilppo is an internationally established Electronic/Ambient composer, artist and producer. His works cover the range from etherial tranquil piano textures to expansive electronic ambient soundscapes.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Sanfilippo is a resident of the great international art city of Barcelona, Spain where he relentlessly bends space and time inside the electronic world of sound, producing solo works as well as frequent collaborations, for both music only programs and film. He is a studied composer and music professor who is inspired by the undiscovered realms of sound-space that the electronic form of music allows, in his personal studio and with his live performances. Like many of his peers who are influenced by the masters such as Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, and Laurie Anderson, Sanfilippo endeavors to unveil these realms with new ideas and approaches, while honoring the foundation that has been laid before him.

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